25gms Samhain Incense Resin

25gms Samhain Incense Resin
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25gms of resin incense for use in oil burners on a charcoal disc (not supplied).

A special blend of incense resin granules and organic herbs: Rosemary, Wormwood, Marigold, Sage and Patchouli to celebrate the New Year.

That mysterious moment which belonged to neither past nor present, neither this world nor the other. It was a time when the herds were slaughtered and the meat salted, which also led to the use of salt in magic ritual as a disinfectant against psychic or spiritual evil. On this night also, the spirits of dead friends sought the warmth of the Samhain fire and communication with the living. The divinatory aspect of Samhain is understandable for two easons. First, the psychic climate of the season favored it, and second, the anxiety about the coming winter demanded it. The fertility ritual aspect was reflected in legends of gods and heroes. And as such, was a time of deliberate (and tribally purposeful) sexual freedom. That is primarily a Celtic tradition, as many other superstitions say to refrain from sex for fear that your former (dead) friends would take over your body and you might have a Changechild. So Samhain was on the one hand a time of propitiation, divination, and communication with the dead, and on the other, an uninhibited feast of eating, drinking, and the defiant affirmation of life and fertility in the very face of the closing dark." "The feast itself, in the banquet sense, the original food was of course a proportion of the newly slaughtered cattle, roasted in the purifying Samhain fire, and doubtless having the nature of ritually offered 'first fruits'. The fact that the priesthood had first call on it for divinatory purposes, and that what they did not use provided a feast for the tribe, points to this."

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