Goldstone Indian Silver Pendant 01

Goldstone Indian Silver Pendant 01
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Large Indian Silver Goldstone Pendant measuring 30x100mm. Supplied with an 18 inch gold cord.

The pendant was for sale on Amazon and is now less than half price on our website.

Jewelley made from affordable Indian Silver that will make a statement.

Goldstone is a manmade glass with inclusions of Copper for Gold and Cobalt for Blue, giving it a beautiful glitter finish. The process was apparently an accidental discovery by Italian Monks.
Goldstone will generate positive energies whilst deflecting negative ones and contains the exact metaphysical properties of copper. It was created for healing and protection on all physical, emotional and spiritual levels. It places a powerful barrier of protection around the aura and greatly increases energy, it is said to ward off all forms of negativity. It is very useful when treating arthritic pain and will strengthen the circulatory system and will also strengthen bones. It is often used as an amulet to ward off evil and negative energies and is also said to be protective of travellers. Goldstone will also enhance psychic awareness and it resonates with the energies of the higher planes so is excellent for contacting angels and guardian spirits.

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