Reiki Gemstone Healing Garden Small

Reiki Gemstone Healing Garden Small
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A complete Crystal Garden kit that measures approx between 130mm to 160mm tall (4 to 6 inches) this may vary slightly. The bowl is 100mm diameter approx.

The kit contains all you need to set up the Garden: Three 50g bags of coloured chips, an Amethyst Tower, a piece of raw Rose Quartz and Quartz. All Crystals are cleansed. Of course you can add your own sand, chips or Crystals creating a colourful or natural looking display.

This stunning, molten art glass vase brings the best of two worlds together: natural and man-made; earthy and chic; practical and spiritual.

Crafted by hand in Bali, the glass is hand-blown and while still hot it is then relaxed over a piece of Gamal root, the glass then hardens to the shape of the wood ensuring a perfect fit.  No two are the same. They are crafted using a natural product by using hand tools in the traditional Balinese way.

Each item is unique as they are made from natural sustainable Gamal wood (Gliricidia Sepium) and the recycled glass is shaped to suit which add to its authenticity, If you wish they can also be used for house plants, zen gardens, fish bowls, pot pourri or floating candles.

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