Aquamarine Natural Gemstone Specimen 08

Aquamarine Natural Gemstone Specimen 08
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A beautiful natural Aquamarine Gemstone

The stone measures approx 47 mm long x 33 mm wide x 22 mm depth

The stone weighs approx 33.94 gms

Aquamarine is a stone of courage which accelerates the intellectual reasoning process. It makes one stronger and unbeatable through thru learning and the ability to gain and also retain knowledge. Aquamarine is the colour of the sky and also the sea which makes this crystal a powerful talisman for any traveller. For people who are having communication difficulties Aquamarine will enhance your communication skills allowing you to work out any problems you may be having in a calm and friendly manner because Aquamarine works on and activates the throat chakra, it will also cleanse this chakra too. Aquamarine will help you become more attuned to spiritual levels of awareness whilst keeping you balanced and completely focused.

Because of the flash photography colour may vary slightly. You will receive the pictured specimen.

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