About Us


Angelleesa Designs are a two generation family run business based in Leicester, England. We’ve come a long way since our start on Beaumont Leys Market, after having shops in Leicester’s Silver Arcade and Indoor Market, we now sell online only at: Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, Facebook and our own websites angelleesadesigns.com and gemstonecabochonsuk.com


We specialise in Cabochons, New Age products, Spell Oils and Hand Crafted Wire Wrapped Jewellery made by Leesa. The Herbal Spell Oils are very popular, there is a huge range on the website and ebay all created and mixed by us, so we have full control of the quality.


All of the team have plant based diets, animals, nature and crystals are our passion so we like to make and source products that reflect this.

All of the stones are sourced from Registered Companies, community and small family owned mines which are a part of ethical sourcing. We always pay attention to ethical and conflict sourcing.
To our knowledge the stones we source are not involved in unsafe, unethical conditions for any worker or environment involved in the extraction, transportation, cutting, polishing, and overall process of bringing the stone from the earth to your hands.

We deal with primarily Brazil, Indonesia and India but at times do also source from other non conflict Countries. We pay a fair price for the rough materials we source and ensure that our cutters and lapidary artists have a fair living wage.