1 x African Turquoise Tumblestone

1 x African Turquoise Tumblestone
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A single African Turquoise Gemstone measuring approx 20mm to 25mm.

As this is a natural product size, patterning and colour will vary slightly. Price is for one stone, group photo shows variety.

This is a wonderful crystal that is healing, protective and also purifying. It is very Sacred to Aztecs, ancient Egyptians, Native Americans and also in Oriental traditions. Turquoise will protect you against the pollution in the environment so is very useful with the way the world is at the moment. Perfect to wear or carry when using computers and mobile phones etc because it will also protect against the negative ions and radiation from these modern day gadgets. It is a Master healing crystal that will speed up the healing process so is very popular with healers and Reiki therapists. Turquoise can attune the physical to higher realms so is excellent for communication with angels and spirit guides etc. Turquoise will help with anorexia, asthma, throat and lung problems, high blood pressure, ear infections and depression. Turquoise is also used to inspire creative thinking and good communication skills. It works on all chakra points but especially with the throat and heart chakra's.

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