10ml Yule Sabbat Oil Winter Solstice

10ml Yule Sabbat Oil Winter Solstice
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Winter Solstice, or Yule, is where the God theme is reversed from the Summer Solstice. The Holly King, symbolizing the Waning Year, is slain by the Oak King, symbolizing the Waxing Year. At the same time, the Goddess, as the "leprous white lady", gives birth to her son/lover who will re-fertilize her Earth body and bring back light and warmth. Birth/Death is a common theme at this time of year, even with the Christians. This is the time of year for the Christmas Nativity for the Christians, celebrated at the same time as many pagan festivals of birth/death since AD 273. The Christians wisely brought their own nativity celebration in line as one of the many methods of integrating the pagan festivals into their calendar. In their beliefs, Christ's birth is the triumph over his God/Father's arch-enemy Satan. Similarly, the Egyptians had another death/birth at this time of year. Osiris was killed by Set, and returns with his wife Isis' help as she gives birth to his son/self Horus, who in turn drives Set away. The European tradition of killing a wren by the robin redbreast is symbolic as well. The wren represents the waning year and the robin the waxing year.


Directions: Use only a few drops, add to bath water, charm bags, oil burners, incense granules, powder or sticks, anoint candles, crystals, tools and jewellery.

We use PET bottles which are the most environmentally friendly product we've found for our oils. These bottles can all be completely recycled, they are light and easy to transport.

Each oil is hand blended by us with tender love and care, they have also been ritually blessed and charged. They are prepared at the correct moon phase and planetary hour. All the ingredients have been ethically sourced, many of our suppliers are fairtrade merchants. The ingredients are free of pesticides or herbicides, and are not fumigated or irradiated, ensuring quality.

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