25gms Lughnassadh Incense Resin

25gms Lughnassadh Incense Resin
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25gms of resin incense for use in oil burners on a charcoal disc (not supplied).

A special blend of incense resin granules including Frankincense and Vatican, and organic herbs: Heather, Rose Petals, Rue and Oakmoss Oil to celebrate Lughnassadh.

Lughnassadh (pronounced 'loo-nus-uh') means the commemoration of Lugh. He was a fire- and light-god of the Baal/Hercules type. His name may be from the same root as the Latin "Lux", meaning light (which also gives us Lucifer, 'the light bringer"). In mythology, the historical replacing of one god by a later form is often remembered as the killing, blinding or emasculation of the older by the younger, while the essential continuity is acknowledged by making the younger into the son or grandson of the elder. In Irish legends, Lugh was the younger, superior god, replacing his grandfather, Balor. Lugh is also the type of god who undergoes death and rebirth in a sacrificial mating with the Goddess. Lugh was associated in Anglo-Saxon tradition with the corn harvest and the killing of the Corn King (Another facet of the God). In this manner did the pagans of so long ago celebrate the first harvest of corn. In keeping with the pagan idea of balance, the autumn parallel to the 'greenwood marriage' is the "Teltown marriage". The 'Teltown marriages" are trial marriages which could be dissolved after a year and a day by the couple returning to the High Priestess who handfasted them and informing her.

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