25gms Sacred White Sage Herb

25gms Sacred White Sage Herb
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25grm Pack supplied with an information flyer.

Carry White Sage in your purse or pockets for wealth, healing and protection.

Used for Centuries by Native Americans in cleansing and healing ceremonies.

Burn White Sage in your home to purify and bless a property.

Use White Sage to smudge sacred spaces and objects which will remove all negative vibrations that may be lurking. Be sure to smudge the corners of a room, this is where negative energies like to hang out.

Place a small bowl of White Sage in your home for wealth, healing and protection.

Make a poppet doll stuffed with White Sage to heal a sick person or beloved pet.

Boil White Sage and let the water cool down, bottle and use to spray your room, body and sacred objects.

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