Agate Gemstone Slice Coiled Wire Pendant

Agate Gemstone Slice Coiled Wire Pendant
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A lovely Agate slice pendant, patterns and sizes do vary but they are all amazing. The pendant measures approx 30x40mm and has a short waxed cotton cord necklace with lobster claw clasp. The Agate is secured with a simple strong wire coil, all unique to the shape of the stone itself.

Most Agate is found in volcanic regions and is a banded form of Chalcedony. It comes in many colours and patterns.

Agate is a protective stone, especially for children. It increases creativity so is great for the minds of children. Agate strengthens our connection to Earth so would be useful for those who have been reincarnated form other dimensions. It can also improve relationships that may have hit a bad patch or have reached crisis point, it will promote self-confidence and give you the courage to sit down and talk things through before matters really get out of control. Agate is also said to bring good luck.

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