Iona Celtic Green Marble Gemstone Specimen 08

Iona Celtic Green Marble Gemstone Specimen 08
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A natural Iona Celtic Green Marble specimen polished on one side. Approx size 55 mm long 90 mm wide 38 mm high.

Found only on the West coast Scottish Isle of Iona, a sacred area for Pagans and the site of a long standing Abbey. Iona Celtic Green Marble has a similar energy to Preseli Bluestone both stones are specific to one area and have been prized for centuries. Sometimes called 'Mermaids Tears' the stone was quarried here for a time but now only small amounts are dived for and hand mined for collectors. Healers use the stone to de-stress and de-tox reverting you back to a state of mind without the pressure of modern living and pollution. Scottish fishermen have used the stone for a protection and good luck talisman much like Connemara Marble.

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