Jet Gemstone Crystal Mojo Bottle Pendant

Jet Gemstone Crystal Mojo Bottle Pendant
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A wonderful little bottle pendant filled with crushed Jet, that measures 30mm tall x 10mm wide and is supplied with a long black waxed cotton cord thong for wearing or hanging.

The small glass bottle can be opened easily to remove the contents because the pendant contains a screw on / screw off metal cap.

Jet also called 'Black Amber' is fossilized wood millions of years old. A type of Lignite Whitby Jet is a hard variety classed as a minor gemstone. Jet is a protection stone that wards off negative energy and is often set in jewellery. Jet is also a mourning and grief stone.
Jet holds a wonderful smooth and gentle energy and is an old time favourite for witches and wizards. Jet also has extremely intense protective and purification energies which are great for clearing the aura of negative energies. Jet absorbs any type of negative energy which include environmental pollutions and harmful emissions from computers, televisions, microwaves and cell phones etc so it is a good idea to scatter a few around your home to soak up these negative energies. Using Jet will also allow inner negative thought patterns to be released so it is a great stone to use if you suffer with depression or any type of addictions. Perfect for spell work, meditation and healing.

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