Lemurian Quartz Code Keeper of Freedom Specimen 10

Lemurian Quartz Code Keeper of Freedom Specimen 10
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Lemurian Quartz specimen measuring 45 mm deep 112 mm long 24 mm tall

Code Keeper Of Freedom is a unique quartz from Corinto, Minas Gerais, Brazil. In Brazil it is called the ‘Root Of Lemurian’, this is because they are like a mother to all the Lemurian’s. These are real Master Crystals with a very high vibration. Their surface is full of etchings and codings, but inside the crystal is clear, this symbolizes our soul and our purity. These crystals have only now been found because we are now ready for the information they possess and want to release. Information is passed to everyone but only what that person needs to know at that time! These are multidimensional data bases.

If you hold the stone, or hold it against your third eye, the flow of information starts calmly. The energy waves through you, it frees you from all things you are stuck with or in, it goes through your whole being. During this process the crystal keeps you grounded.

Code Keeper Of Freedom crystals open and activate your third eye, crown and soul star chakra's. They help raise your consciousness and provide contact with the ultimate Divine being that we are. They let you awaken again, to become your pure self, so that you can create whatever you wish, this is your birth right.

These beautiful crystals with a unique free form shape frees you so that you can start to live more, opening the enlightened mind and can cause a shift in vibration on both personal and planetary levels. They provide deep holistic, spiritual healing. These are real Ascension crystals that have now been found to help us and Mother Earth raise our consciousness to the highest level and create the world on earth that we desire, full of Light and Love and Oneness with everything around us.

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