Lucky Dip Lapis Lazuli Silver Plated Wire Wrapped Pendant

Lucky Dip Lapis Lazuli Silver Plated Wire Wrapped Pendant
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The pendant measures approx 15x50x9mm (this may vary slightly) and is made with Silver Plated anti tarnish wire.

You will receive a similar design pendant to the ones pictured, each one has a unique flourish, such as added coloured beads and individual stone markings.

Designs are chosen at random so we can offer them at this amazing price.

Price is for one pendant, group photo shows variety.

All pendants are designed and hand crafted by Angelleesa.

Lapis will greatly increase psychic awareness, creativity, self-confidence and also communication skills. Lapis will help you to spiritually connect not only to universal energies but also allows you to experience the energies of the higher realms so is excellent when communicating with spirit guide and angels etc. Lapis is said to protect you from both physical and also psychic attacks, it will transform and disperse negative energies into the universe love. I love Lapis because it helps me become more organised, I tend to be a bit messy and my office is sometimes like a bomb site but a few days with the Lapis seems to sort that out. Lapis is excellent for pain relief and is great for backache, headaches and period pains and cramps. Often called the stone of heaven Lapis is just a wonderful all round healing stone but is probably best known for its psychic connections. Lapis is comprised of mainly Lazulite and pyrite, the Lazulite being an intense blue and the Pyrite either gold flecks or veins that run through the Lazulite which make it really quite a pretty stone. The deep blue of the Lapis resonates with the brow and throat chakras whilst the Gold Pyrite works on the root chakra. I have also had some great meditations with Lapis because it takes you places you have never been before, go on try it and see...

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