Rare Red Quartz Gemstone Point 12

Rare Red Quartz Gemstone Point 12
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A faceted rare Red Quartz point that measures approx 57mm (2 inches) long 23mm wide 18mm deep. You will receive the specimen pictured.

Please note: Euro, Pound and Quarter coins are for size reference only and are not included.

Red Quartz is a natural form of Quartz which gets its colouring from a fine particular coating of Hematite (Iron Oxide) during its growth cycle.
Red Quartz is quite uncommon but there are a few mines found in Brazil, China and Spain.
Because all the properties of the clear variety of Quartz also apply Red Quartz is a superb healing tool. It produces physical energy in abundance and stimulates the mind, encouraging positive action. I often use Red Quartz when making craft projects, painting, silversmithing etc because it allows your mind to get very creative with whatever you are working on.
Red Quartz is also a great crystal to use for anyone suffering with reproductive issues which include fertility.
If you are feeling mentally or physically drained, tired or suffer from Chronic Fatigue then reach for the Red Quartz which will be ready, able and willing to assist you.
Red Quartz is also wonderful for healing and removing the trauma of past lives which may be holding you back in this lifetime.


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