Skin Protection Wrap

Skin Protection Wrap
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A unique self adhering tape that protects your fingers from minor cuts, abrasions and burns.

It completely protects your fingers during most Jewellery work: buffing, grinding, polishing, assembling and stone setting.

Thin and flexible the tape gives you a good grip even on small parts, so you can work faster without losing dexterity or the feel of your work.

The tape can last all day since it adheres only to itself, its easy to remove and leaves no sticky residue.

1. Wrap the tape around your fingers and thumb, pulling gently to apply a light tension.

2. As you wrap, overlap the previous turn slightly as you work to ensure complete coverage.

3. After each use, fold back the end of the roll, so you can find it easily next time.

4. At the end of the day, simply peel off the tape.

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