1 x Angel Phantom Amphibole Quartz Tumblestone

1 x Angel Phantom Amphibole Quartz Tumblestone
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A single Tumbled gemstone measuring approx 15mm to 20mm.

Angel Phantom Quartz is also known as Amphibole Quartz. It is a beautiful variety of Quartz found in Brazil that contains inclusions of other metaphysically significant minerals including tremolite, actinolite, hornblende, riebeckite and richterite. Many contain lovely angel winged white formations inside them as well. The colours vary from a misty clear to clear with lovely shades of pink, white, red, yellow and orange. This crystal emanates the soft, sweet, powerful energies of the angelic realm. Angelic entities have an affinity for angel quartz and are attracted to work with the crystals as well as those that carry them. Touching your forehead with angel quartz sends a stream of fine vibrations into the third eye and up to the crown, linking and activating both of these energy centres. An awakening of the “thousand-petaled lotus”, the full activated crown chakra, is possible when working with the angel phantom quartz. Angel quartz’s strong calming, meditative energy makes this crystal a wonderful choice as a dream work stone.

As this is a natural product size, patterning and colour will vary slightly. Price is for one crystal, group photo shows variety.

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